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About Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificates are used for GST, MCA, Income Tax, Tender submissions, EPFO filings, and more. It is legally binding. As a means of identification and verification, the certifying authority issues a USB e-Token (secure digital key). The signatures are encoded using public keys and stored electronically. A digital signature certificate (DSC) includes information about the user name, pin code, nationality, email address, date of certificate issued, and the name of the certifying authority. 


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Benefits of Digital Signature Certificate


When conducting business digitally, DSC helps validate the holder’s information data.

Saves money and time

A Digital Signature Certificate holder is not obliged to be physically present to conduct or approve the business. Instead of physically signing papers and scanning them to submit through email, the holder can immediately sign hard copy documents online using DSC.

Document Legitimacy

Digitally signed papers offer the receiver trust in the signer’s authenticity. They can continue and take action based on such documents without fear of the documents being faked.

Data Integrity

Digitally signed documents cannot be altered once they are signed, making the data secure. To validate business transactions, government agencies request DSCs.

Difference between Digital Signature and Digital Certificate


Digital Signature

Digital Certificate


Digital equivalent of a handwritten signature

The digital key for identification of the sender


Validate sent data

Validate sender’s identity

How to obtain

Online security agency or issuing authority

Certificate Authority after a background check


Digital Signature Standard (DSS)

Public-key cryptography standards (PKCS, X.509 Standard Format)


Encryption at the sender’s end & decryption at receiver’s end

Key generation, registration, verification, and creation by CA

Use cases

Financial transactions, software distribution, loan applications, wire transfer requests

Internet of Things, email encryption, code signing, enterprise mobility management

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Documents Required For Digital Signature (DSC)

  • Passport size photograph
  • PAN card copy
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter Identity Card

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Digital Signature Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may purchase digital signature certificates with one, two, or three years of validity. (The regulating authority, the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA, controls this validity. You cannot buy a DSC with a validity period of less than one year or greater than three years.)

The Digital Signature is required during the following times:


  • While Incorporating companies like Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, or One Person Company. 
  • While applying for Director Identification Number (DIN). 
  • During MCA Compliances and Import Export Code. 
  • While filing Income Tax Returns, GST Registration/GST Filings, Intellectual Property, and Employees Provident Fund (EPF). 

The certifying authorities issue three types of Digital Signature certificates. These include:

  1. Class 1 DSC

The Class 1 DSC is issued to individual subscribers, and it confirms that the user’s name and email address are stored in the certifying authority’s database.

  1. Class 2 DSC 

Class 2 DSCs are granted to company directors and signing authorities for electronic filing with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). Individuals who would sign manual documents while filing returns with the ROC must use a Class 2 digital signature. However, starting on January 1, 2021, the Controller of Certifying Authority has directed that Class 2 DSC be discontinued. In place of Class 2 DSC, Class 3 DSC will be issued. 

  1. Class 3 DSC 

A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is granted to company directors/authorised signatories, professionals, and others for digitally signing documents. To participate in the online bids, suppliers must also have a Class 3 DSC.

To issue a Digital Signature, there is no need for physical verification.