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What is TDS return filing?

Besides submitting the tax, the deductor must file TDS returns. A quarterly statement known as a TDS return filing is required to be sent to the Income Tax division. The TDS returns must be submitted on time. You may file your TDS return entirely online. Details from the TDS returns will appear on Form 26 AS when they are submitted. The following details should be included when filing TDS returns: both the deductee and the deductor’s PAN. tax payment made to the government TDS challan details other, if any. 


All those in charge of withholding tax at source or collecting tax at source on behalf of the government must get a TAN, or Tax Deduction and Collection Number, which is a required 10-digit alpha number. Individuals who are paid a salary are not required to get a TAN or deduct taxes from the source.

TDS Returns

Employers or organisations that have obtained a valid tax collection and deduction number file TDS returns (TAN). Any person making the following payments must deduct the applicable taxes at the sources and deposit them within the allotted periods. These payments are specifically listed in the Income Tax Act and must be made by the relevant parties.

What is TDS?

In India, the Government of India collects tax at the point of a transaction. This is called tax deducted at source, or TDS. In this instance, the tax must be subtracted at the moment the funds are credited to the payee’s account or, if earlier, at the time of payment.

Tax could be deducted at the time of salary payment or the life insurance policy. This sum must be deposited with the Income Tax Department by the deductor. A portion of the tax is paid to the Income Tax Department immediately through TDS. The tax is typically subtracted between 10 and 20 per cent.

Penalties For Late Filing Of TDS

E-Filing Date

Total Income < Rs. 50,000

Total Income > Rs. 50,000

Up To 31st August

Rs. 0

Rs. 0

1st September – 31st December

Rs. 1,000

Rs. 1,000

1st January – 31st March

Rs. 1,000

Rs. 10,000

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TDS Return Filing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The due date for the payment of the TDS deducted is the seventh of the next month.




Last Date of Filing

1st Quarter

1st April to 30th June

31st July 2021

2nd Quarter

1st July to 30th September

31st October 2021

3rd Quarter

1st October to 31st December

31st Jan 2022

4th Quarter

1st January to 31st March

31st May 2022

It is pertinent to provide the TDS Certificate once the deductor has taken the TDS deduction. A valid TDS certificate from TRACES with a 7-digit unique certificate number and the TRACES watermark may be viewed by the deductee to double-check the tax credit.


The deductee is mandated to keep the TDS certificates. The TDS certificate for salaries is supplied annually, whereas those for payments other than salaries are issued quarterly. The deductee may ask for a duplicate TDS Certificate if he misplaces the original.

TDS forms depend on the income of the deductee or the type of deductee paying taxes. The TDS forms are mentioned below:




Form 24Q


The quarterly statement for TDS from “Salaries”

Form 26Q


Quarterly statement of TDS in respect of all payments other than “Salaries”

Form 27Q


Quarterly statement of TDS from interest, dividend, or any other sum payments to non-residents

Form 27EQ


Quarterly statement of collection of tax at source

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